CIO Services

Independent trusted technology advisors

Today’s CEOs and CFOs (CXOs) face a tough task of managing their organization’s IT to meet business expectations and goals. Our client experience has shown that a major portion of a CXO’s time is invested in managing day-to-day operational issues rather than strategic planning, IT modernization, and identifying future business needs. To help overcome these IT challenges, NCIC can assist CXOs as an experienced partner to align technology within your business needs and goals.

CIO Services clients get independent trusted technology advisors who free the CXO’s time for strategic work. The advisors are supported by team of consultants who assist in developing a future-proof IT road map to meet strategic business planning and goals. Our CIO Advisory project managers work together to facilitate contracts, reduce costs and finalize SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) to improve quality of service. Our CIO Services add value by bringing a Business Aligned IT approach to the client relationship.

Our CIO Services portfolio includes:

  • IT Consulting & Strategy Planning
  • IT Solution Development & Delivery
  • IT Budgeting
  • Vendor Management
  • Implementing & improving IT processes
  • Rehashing IT Policy
  • IT Compliance Deployment