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Who is NCIC?

NCIC is a recognized leader of outsourced 24/7 computer and network support services in the NY tri-state area. Small to mid-size businesses rely on us every day to solve their toughest IT problems and help them use technology to become more efficient and profitable. NCIC offers an array of advantages over competing IT consulting companies as well as consulting in all aspects of IT services. NCIC not only develops detailed cost justification that supports the appropriate service level based on your budget, but we also meet your perceived value and expectations.

Why should I outsource my IT support to NCIC?

The top reasons to supplement your IT resources with an outsourced team are to:

  • Free up company resources for other purposes
  • Improve focus on core operations
  • Reduce operating costs with better control
  • Increased access to world-class capabilities
  • Adds key resources not available internally

How can NCIC help you?

If your business has a computer, we can help! We have a wide-range of highly skilled and certified technology specialists who support small and mid-size business, and branch offices of larger businesses. Our clients typically have between 10 and 99 users, and cannot justify the time and expense required to manage an entire IT staff.

These businesses rely on us to augment in-house resources in specialized areas and supply extra manpower to meet project deadlines. Very small companies find it cost effective to use our on-site or remote support on an as-needed basis, while large companies often take advantage of more extensive services.

If you are struggling to complete IT projects, outsourcing will provide IT support and a customized service plan tailored to your needs.

Is IT outsourcing expensive?

Not when you consider the value of your time and resources wasted on solving IT problems in-house. We’ve designed our pricing structure to be more cost effective than hiring a full-time IT specialist who can’t be available 24/7. And we’re very competitive compared to other IT consulting firms. We strongly recommend starting with an initial assessment to determine the reliability and stability of your current IT structure and requirements. This way you can achieve maximum IT value as your company grows and IT needs change.

Does NCIC only support Microsoft technology?

NCIC’s focus is on Microsoft-based technology, but NCIC has extensive experience in the design, installation, and integration of cohesive networks from a variety of top hardware and software vendors.

Can NCIC help set up fault-tolerant email?

NCIC can setup a Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, and VPN technology in order to define a fault tolerant email solution that provides secure email – even for people who telecommute or for road warriors with multiple computing devices.

How can NCIC enhance my network security?

Our security services include a comprehensive security audit, disaster recovery, virus protection and deletion, SPAM filtering, firewall technology, ISP relationships, backup strategy definition, and planning for secure commerce.

Can I buy hardware or software directly from NCIC?

Our focus is service and support instead of retail, but we do sell hardware, software, and provide purchasing assistance as a standalone service. NCIC will make arrangements with hardware manufacturers to perform any hardware repairs covered under warranty so you can avoid contacting the manufacturer and spending time dealing with the warranty issues yourself.

Since we don’t have ties to any specific hardware and software vendor, you’ll get objective purchasing recommendations from our experts. We do have alliances with some vendors and should you purchase hardware or software from these vendors directly, you may be eligible for discounts.

Is NCIC available for IT support no matter what time of day I need help?

We provide 24/7 remote support, and on-site support with emergency one-hour onsite response nationwide.


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